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Since you were little you' have been playing dress-up and get married and you have always had a vision of Your Wedding Day and Celebration. From dreams of romantic fairy tales, and novels to soap operas; You have visualized “You!” Gorgeously walking down the aisle; walking into your reception; Having; Your First Dance! Will They All Be Amazed? Will There Be Joy & Cheers ? Will I Be Moved To Tears? Will Everyone Dance ? Will They All Say?; “I Had The Time Of My Life!” Your Wedding Day is one of the most important and anticipated days of your life as the two of you become one to enjoy the rest of your new life together. We are definitely be a match for you as well. We promise every effort to help make this experience enjoyable and stress free as possible, and to make your wedding dreams a reality. You want your wedding day to be the making of history ,and more memorable as the first moment your eyes met and you hearts begin to beat as one. Its “Your Day” and should go exactly, “Your Way.” We will be committed to you for that important purpose, By listening to you, your ideas and suggestions along with our expertise and professionalism your wedding day/event will be personalized and created, in the style, taste and ambiance that you desire. Do you want it to be fun and most entertaining? Do you want everyone dancing? Or Do you want it Elegant, Classy or Laid back. Do you want a big party or celebration. You decide how you want it to be and we can encompass any style or combination as you wish. We just want you to be happy and help you give the best of appreciation to all you family, friends, and other guests. Yes, you will be looking Gorgeous! and it will be our job and privilege to work for you to reflect that; by making sure everything else is looking good as well. What else will can you do to make sure My Wedding/Reception is Successful? Setting up before hand and have romantic music playing as your first guests arrive. Personal attention, and crowd interaction. You can be able to sit back, enjoy and watch as everything the way you envisioned works out smoothly. We can organize, coordinate ,act as Master of Ceremony for introduction, facilitate all the special dances and activities , while working closely with your photographer, video, caterer, and reception hall to make sure everyone is on page so your event can a great success! Will Everyone Dance ? When it’s time to dance, we will play ALL of your favorites on our state-of- the- art sound system from a digital library with at least 25,000 of the greatest songs of all time and the sound will be spectacular, and we have a complete backup system available. Tasteful requests are throughout unless you specify your PLAY ONLY or DO NOT PLAY list. Don't worry all music will be edited and family/Christian friendly according to your style and taste . We will play only the music you want to hear.We can be interactive and play games if the need may be. Your guests will be smiling, dancing, laughing and having a good time and complimenting you the whole time and beyond. "Wedding of Your Dreams" From the Grand Entrance to the Last Dance, ArtOfMusic DJ's can help you plan your entire reception to match your personality and style. We provide you with a reception planning form and a bridal party introduction form to help customize your event. We also provide a pre-wedding consultation to meet with your musical host and review the details of your special day so the only thing you need to worry about is having fun. From start to finish, we can help you create the wedding reception that’s right for you. As they leave you will hear your guests say; “Thank you!” Everything Was Wonderful “I Had The Time Of My Life!”
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