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Our high energy and interactive DJ's bring fun and excitement to each and every event. Our DJ's have nightclub or teen dance experience, so they know how to read a crowd and keep people on the dance floor with the hottest mixes of songs and radio personalities available. Having a regular school dance, homecoming dance, spring formal, prom or graduation party dance, Art Of Music PlayWhatYouSay has the hottest music selections, brilliant dance floor lighting and the best sound system that will keep the students dancing and having fun all night long. We play appropriate music selections, which consist of edited version to accommodate the guidelines for any school or college event and take requests. We also offer Music Video Dance Parties This may be the party you are looking for the edge, that would be “The Bomb” that will really impress your friends and classmates that they will talk about and wish all parties were at this level of fun . Video Dance Parties is a modest title for this spectacular sound, lighting and video presentation that is in fact more like hosting your own concert! Your friends and classmates will dance and party with their favorite artist as we play MTV style DVD music videos on our projection screen or 32" LCD TV monitor. It's a huge hit teens and other students love it!