Wedding Package & Pricing

When you plan that special celebration, you want it to be unique, memorable, and most of all…fun & enjoyable for everyone! This makes it almost IMPOSSIBLE to have a "standard package" for your event, just as you may not be selecting from a standard set price package for your gown or bridesmaid dresses. Your taste and design may not be the standard. You can read more from the about us and how rates and prices or constructed according to your individual needs.

There Is A Difference? Not All Disc Jockeys & Entertainers The Same. Why the Difference In Price?

All to often a DJ is evaluated based on price, rather than his or her qualities as a professional entertainer. A common assumption is that if a DJ has the equipment, he or she must also be a good entertainer. A good DJ and the ability to produce a great tasteful enjoyable event does not happen by chance it is thought out or well planned. When there is the occasion for the last minute entertainer we will make every effort to provide a seasoned well dressed professional that will do more than gear and music.

The “cheapest price” can end up costing you much more as it can be “the worst money you ever save“. or thought you were saving.

Because of the bad reputation of some cheap entertainment companies and customers we choose not to focus on being the “Cheap DJ.” or the “Cheapest Entertainment”

Because we want you to get the most enjoyment out of your celebration, We can structure the time into a flat rate. You may benefit a lot better depending on your budget and may receive more for less in most occasion as the hourly rate can be significantly lower. This is great for the whole day or the evening/night when you are not really sure when you like to end. In other words if you and your guests are dancing the night away when your time is "up", we won't stop abruptly we'll keep the party going for you until it slows down naturally or you say “Shut It Down Our "Event Based Pricing" simplifies your budgeting process by taking the guesswork out of the pricing model.

We can also charge you hourly or in half hour increments depending on your need and performer availability with a hour minimum (subject to the type of entertainment) our DJ entertainment normally has a 2 hour minimum you must call to discuss exceptions.

Keep in mind that DJ and entertainment services, prices, and quality vary widely, so while you are exploring our services, consider these top 10 reasons to call Art Of Entertainment

* Online Pre-Planning, Event Coordination,& Personalized Service * Professional Entertainers with Professional and educational credentials * State-of-the-art sound systems, Light Show Of Your Choice,100,000 song titles (edited) * Known for quality, honesty, integrity and dependability. * Listens to your needs and standards Play appropriate music you want to hear, * Back-Up Equipment on site, contingency plan for DJs & Entertainers * Registered, Insured, Business Market Accountability & Affiliations (Not Fly By Night) * No Obligation FREE Consultation From full time Staff *Flexible Rates & Prices Structured to Your Needs, Advance & Short Notice Booking * Contracts & Guarantee Of Service member BBB A+ rating